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As a member of the Armed Forces you may be unfortunate enough to be involved in Court Martial proceedings. During these hearings the Court can hear allegations regarding offences that are classed as “criminal conduct”, under s.42 Armed Forces Act 2006.

Offences Include:

  • Theft
  • Assault – ABH and GBH
  • Fraud

In addition, the Court has the jurisdiction to hear about Service/Disciplinary offences, these include:

  • AWOL
  • Contravention of Standing Orders
  • Negligent performance of duty
  • Conduct offence, and
  • Offences regarding ships and flying of Aircraft.

Both Criminal and Service offences could lead to a period of Service Detention, dismissal from the Service and/or imprisonment. The full range of sentences available to the Court are found in Armed Forces Act 2006. A conviction at Court-Martial may not only affect your career in the Service but also has the possibility of impacting upon Forces Pension entitlements.

Having good legal representation is essential. Having legal representation with experience of the Court-Martial system and Service Life is invaluable. Contact one of our experienced team who can assist in advising you on the best course of action to be taken in your individual case. We can advise on funding, which is administered by the Armed Forces Legal Aid Authority and discuss your needs for representation.

Sills and Betteridge Solicitors has a number of experienced solicitors with experience of the Military Court system. We also have a good relationship with a prominent chambers of barristers who specialise in Court Martial hearings.

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