Family mediation aims to provide a couple with the assistance they need to reach their own solutions without having to involve the Court. Mediation aims to ensure that future arrangements are fair and workable and are obtained with the minimum of conflict and distress.

Sills Mediation is the Sills & Betteridge Solicitors LLP family mediation service. Our Mediation team is made up of specialist family mediators and family lawyers. By choosing Sills Mediation you will benefit from both our mediation skills and our in-depth knowledge of the law. For more information please visit our specialist Mediation website

Sills and Betteridge Solicitors has a team of family mediators who regularly help couples deal with a wide range of issues including:

  • Legal divorce & separation
  • Future arrangements for their children
  • Financial and property issues
  • Accommodation needs

Couples are still advised to consult their own solicitors over the terms of any proposals for settlement which are reached in mediation. However, mediation reduces the time and cost involved when two separate solicitors are instructed to negotiate on their respective client’s behalf. It is much less distressing than fighting in court. Charges are calculated by the hour but can be shared between the couple in any way they agree. Public Funding (Legal Aid) may be available.

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Partner - Lincoln & Nottingham

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