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Drink Driving Solicitors

Will I be disqualified for drink driving and for how long?
A conviction for drink driving will result in a mandatory disqualification. The length of the disqualification will depend on the level of the reading and whether you have any previous convictions. This table sets out the level of disqualification for each reading band:



I am being prosecuted for being drunk in charge but I did not intend to drive:
It is a defence to a charge of being drunk in charge if you can show there was no likelihood of driving whilst over the limit. This defence can be difficult to establish and often requires the defence to obtain expert evidence to show that the alcohol in your system would be under the drink drive limit at the time you would next drive.

I am being prosecuted for driving whilst over the drug limit.
The law now deals with driving under the influence of a number drugs in the same way as it deals with drink driving. If you have a level of a relevant drug in your system which is above a prescribed limit at the time you were driving you will face a disqualification. This is a new area of law and in our experience the length of disqualification varies greatly from case to case. We strongly recommend you obtain expert representation if charged with a drug driving offence.

I am being prosecuted for failing to provide a specimen and I want to challenge the charge.
If there was a good reason why you were not able to provide a specimen you may be able to successfully defend the charge. You should obtain legal advice before deciding to enter a not guilty plea as the defences available are interpreted strictly and you may find yourself facing a greater penalty if you are unsuccessful at trial.

Can I reduce my disqualification?
If you intend to enter a guilty plea to the charge of driving whilst over the drink driving limit you can have the period of disqualification reduced by one quarter if you complete a drink drivers rehabilitation course. Mitigation can sometimes reduce the period of disqualification but not below the statutory minimum.

How much does it cost to appoint a solicitor?
Our costs vary depending on the level of service you require. Please visit our fee information page or call us for a quote.