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Drivers Hours and Tachograph Rules

What hours am I entitled to drive?
As an LGV or PSV driver you must know your entitlement without exception. The site contains the guidance you require.

I think my vehicle is exempt from drivers’ hours regulations how do I check?
The web page contains a link to the list of exempt vehicles. You must be certain before driving an exempt vehicle. It is good practice to keep a note within the vehicle of the legislation which makes the vehicle exempt so that you can show this to a Police officer or inspector if stopped.

What happens if I breach the Tachograph rules?
The vehicle operator is required to keep a record and review your tachograph records. If you are making minor infringements you should receive further training. More serious breaches will be prosecuted. It is your responsibility as the driver to know the rules and adhere to them.

My employer makes me drive over my allowable hours what should I do?
You are responsible for keeping within the hours. It is your licence that is at risk. You must refuse an instruction to driver otherwise than in accordance with the drivers hours rules. If you are dismissed you may have a claim to the Employment Tribunal against your employer.

What are the penalties for breaching the driver hours regulations?
The penalties vary from warnings, offence rectification notices, prohibitions, fixed penalties and deposits through to prosecution and referral to the Traffic Commissioner.