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Motoring Offence Solicitors Fees

It can be daunting when you face a driving charge and have no previous experience of the Police or Courts.

We have an open and transparent approach to our fee structure so you have one less thing to worry about.

Our fees vary depending on the level of service you require and the facts of your case.

We offer the following levels of service:

  • Face to Face advice – starting with a 30 minute consultation
  • Written Representations – in some cases we can help you achieve the result you need by crafting the right written representations
  • Guilty Plea Representation – in cases where a guilty plea is anticipated we may only require to meet with you on one occasion and make one appearance at court. Our fees will reflect the amount of work required.
  • Not guilty plea – trial representation – each trial is unique and will require different levels of preparation. We will work with you to agree a fee that helps you prepare for trial with confidence.
  • Application to restore a driving licence after disqualification – We can offer a fixed fee service which takes account of the degree of complexity involved with the application and whether it is to be made at the magistrates or crown court.

You may have insurance which provides legal expenses cover to help you protect your licence. Most commonly you might have insurance through your motor cover but in some instances you may be insured via your home or even credit card insurance. It is worth checking what policies you have. We will work with your insurer to obtain the best outcome for your case.

Legal Aid
Legal Aid remains available for those road traffic cases which may result in a prison sentence and is available for all Police Station interviews under caution whether under arrest or as a volunteer.

Sills & Betteridge have a contract to provide Legal Aid representation and we will discuss with you whether legal aid might be available for your case.

We can attend most Police Stations to represent you twenty four hours a day seven days a week simply contact us in advance or ask for Sills & Betteridge if you are taken to the Police Station.

Defendants Costs Orders
If you are not eligible for legal aid and if we succeed at trial or persuade the CPS to withdraw charges then we will apply on your behalf to recoup a percentage of the fees you will have paid from the Court.

Call us free to discuss you case and obtain a quote based on your circumstances.