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Speeding Offence Solicitors

How long do the police have to issue a speeding ticket?
If you activate a speed camera the police will issue a Notice of Intended Prosecution to the address under which the vehicle is registered. The notice must be served within 14 days – Click here to learn more. Otherwise if you have been stopped by the police they may have warned that you will receive a court summons.

Will I be disqualified for speeding?
Whether you face disqualification depends on the speed you were driving, the speed limit of the road, the number of points on your licence and other factors including the manner of your driving. Usually if you reach 12 points the court will disqualify under the totting up provisions. Particularly high speeds will attract discretionary disqualifications.

If it is your first offence you may be offered the chance to undertake a speed awareness course. In some cases you may face an alternative charge of careless driving or dangerous driving.

If you are a new driver and receive 6 points on your licence it will be revoked by the DVLA and you will be required to re sit your driving test.

If a speeding matter comes to court the following guidelines apply:


Can I challenge a speeding charge?
If you deny a speeding charge and have a strong case to demonstrate that the Police have made an error you can plead not guilty. The law now discourages speculative not guilty pleas and will impose greater punishment if a case is taken to trial with no prospect of success including significantly higher costs and fines.

Can I avoid a disqualification?
Magistrates can sometimes be persuaded to step outside of their guidelines and not impose a discretionary disqualification if there is mitigation.

Totting up disqualifications can be avoided/reduced if Magistrates can be persuaded that imposing the disqualification would cause someone exceptional hardship.

How much will I be fined for speeding?
Speeding fines are calculated with reference to weekly income.

Band A fines – 25-75% relevant weekly income.
Band B fines – 75%-125% relevant weekly income.
Band C fines – 125-175% relevant weekly income.

Courts are also bound to impose a Victim Surcharge and will usually order Prosecution costs.