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Taxi Licence Application

Can I make an application?
Each local authority area is responsible for taxi licensing. You can check online which local authority issues licences for the area in which you wish to drive.

The local authority will set out a list of requirements which must be met in order to obtain a licence.

These requirements can vary with some areas applying stricter requirements than others. If you meet the requirements set out by the local authority then you can apply for a licence.

I have a criminal conviction will I be able to apply for a licence?
Most local authorities have a policy on taxi licences which sets out which types of convictions will be considered in the licence application. Some convictions may prevent you from ever obtaining a licence whilst others may prevent you from applying for a period of time or have no impact on your application.

What if my application is refused?
If your application is refused you will be given reasons for the refusal and an opportunity to challenge the decision before the licensing sub committee.

Can I get representation when my application is refused?
You are entitled to bring along a representative to a sub committee and that can include a solicitor.

How much will it costs to get help with a taxi licence application?
We offer packages for licence applications which can be viewed by clicking on the link: Fixed costs licence application service.