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Traffic Commissioner Driver Conduct hearings

What are driver conduct hearings?
These are hearings before the Traffic Commissioner to determine whether a LGV or PSV licence holder remains a fit and proper person to hold a licence.

What offences do I require to report to the traffic commissioner?
Any conviction or fixed penalty requires to be reported including civil penalties such as for clandestine entry.

You are required to report any offence to the holder of the Operator’s licence who will then report to the Traffic Commissioner.

What offences will result in a summons to a driver conduct hearing?
The traffic commissioner has discretion when to call someone to a hearing. However in cases of dishonesty in relation to Tachographs and driving whilst using a mobile phone you can expect to be called to a hearing.

What if the offence was committed whilst driving my own car?
The requirement to report convictions and fixed penalties is not limited to offences committed whilst at work. If you are caught in your own car using a mobile device you will be required to report it.