Forced Marriage

Sills & Betteridge Solicitors have Practitioners who specialise in Forced Marriage Protection Orders. It is recognised that arranged marriages take place in a number of cultures. In these circumstances, the prospective spouses have a choice whether to accept the arrangements or not. There is a clear difference between an arranged marriage and forced marriage. In a forced marriage, one of the parties, or even both parties do not consent to the marriage and they are put under an incredible amount of pressure from their extended family members to marry the person who they have not chosen.

Forced marriage is now recognised as a form of domestic abuse. It can happen to men, women, or even children.

A person who flees forced marriage, leaves the family and reports of criminal behaviour or they may even seek help from an outside agency. This is a big step for them because they may be seen to have dishonoured their family.

In extreme cases, victims of forced marriages will need to obtain a Forced Marriage Protection Order to prevent their family members from forcing them into marriage.

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