Driving Without Insurance

Driving Without Insurance

What is the penalty for driving without insurance?

The sentencing guidelines for no insurance were revised in 2017. In straightforward cases where the no insurance is due to an oversight or mistake then the penalty will be between 6-8 points and a fine ranging from 75% to 175% of weekly income. Where the offence involved an accident and or evidence that the driver was working in a professional capacity or drove for a sustained period without insurance then the court will look to either impose points or disqualify for up to 12 months.

Will I lose my licence if convicted?

If you are a new driver who has held a licence for less than two years you will have your licence revoked which will mean you will be required to re-sit your test. In all other cases, you may face a totting up disqualification if you already have 6 or more points.

I was told the vehicle was insured can I put this forward as a defence?

If you were using a vehicle in the course of employment and can prove that you didn’t know or had no cause to believe that insurance was not in place then you may have a defence to the charge.  In other cases, no – it is up to the driver to make sure the vehicle is properly insured.

I was insured but the details of my insurance do not appear on the database of insured drivers.

You may still prove the vehicle was insured but will need your certificate and schedule of insurance and possibly also a letter from your insurer.

My vehicle has been seized because it was not insured what can I do?

The police must serve you with a notice when seizing your vehicle. This will detail the steps you need to take to return your vehicle

I have received a letter about a car I no longer own saying that it is not insured.

There is an offence of being a registered keeper of a vehicle which is not SORN and is not insured. This often happens when you have sold or handed over a car and not personally submitted the change of registered keeper notice to DVLA. Call us for advice if you are in this position.

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