Injunctions & Non Molestation Orders

If you are suffering or at risk of suffering domestic abuse from your partner or a member of your family then you may apply to the Court for an injunction to protect you.

A Non Molestation Order is an Order of the Court protecting you from the perpetrator of domestic abuse.

Who can apply for an injunction?

It is possible to obtain an injunction against the following people:

  1. Your husband/wife or former husband or wife;
  2. Someone you have lived with as husband or wife (to include same sex relationships);
  3. Someone who lives with you;
  4. Someone who has lived with you;
  5. Your relative or that person’s husband or wife;
  6. Your current or former boyfriend or girlfriend (if you have been engaged or in a lengthy relationship);
  7. Someone you have had a child with.

What does the injunction do?

  1. It can forbid someone from being violent towards you, or from threatening, pestering or harassing you. This is known as a Non-Molestation Order;
  2. It can forbid someone from contacting you;
  3. It can require someone to leave the home they share with you and be forbidden to return, and;
  4. It can forbid someone from coming within a certain distance of your home.

What happens if the Order is breached?

Breaching a Non Molestation Order is a criminal offence. If the perpetrator breaches to the order they can be arrested and produced before the Criminal Courts.

Will I qualify for Legal Aid?

You will automatically qualify for Legal Aid if you are receiving certain benefits. We can assess you for your eligibility for Legal Aid during your free half hour consultation.  

How do I apply?

We are proud to offer a free consultation regarding Domestic Abuse. During the consultation we can advise you as to your options and your eligibility for Legal Aid. Please contact us to book your appointment or text HELP to 07557 850212.

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