New Family Procedure Rules Encourage Mediation for Separating Couples

New Family Procedure Rules Encourage Mediation for Separating Couples

From 29th April 2024, changes to the Family Procedure Rules allow courts to give stronger encouragement to separating couples to resolve their disputes before going to court, as well as changing court procedures to make it easier to divert families to out-of-court dispute resolution options if exemptions are not properly claimed, or parties have not tried other options.

The Family Mediation Voucher Scheme, which runs until April 2025, provides separating couples with vouchers worth up to £500 to help them reach agreements around child arrangements or child and financial arrangements using family mediation. Over 27,000 families across England and Wales have so far been supported through amicable separation by the scheme.

Family Mediator Lisa Kellett says “The scheme is successfully boosting the prospects of families in the region to reach agreements on the all-important parenting and money arrangements after they have decided to separate or divorce. Family Mediation is a process where an independent, professionally-trained Mediator helps you work these things out, without going to Court.”

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