Domestic Abuse

At Sills & Betteridge, we offer a 24 hour service to provide victims of domestic abuse with advice in the event of an emergency. The number to call or text is 07557850212.

There isn’t a day goes by one when an incident of domestic abuse is reported either in the news or in the newspapers. Stories of murder, manslaughter and assaults are reported family. 2 women a week are killed in a domestic abuse incident. Often this happens in front of their child or when their child is at home.

Domestic abuse is not discriminatory. It takes on many forms such as sexual, financial, physical and psychological abuse.

Domestic abuse is happening everyday. Years ago it was considered a taboo to discuss this topic and even now some people feel uncomfortable talking about domestic abuse. It may be because they are suffering a form of abuse which they do not want to discuss or feel unable to discuss. However, talking about it and getting help can help save lives and prevent children from being without their parents.

There is no sexual discrimination of domestic abuse, victims can be both male and female. The effects that domestic abuse has on a personal psychological is significant. However, the effect that it has on children, witnessing their parents argue, insult and assault each other is even more traumatic and a child’s personality is sculpted by what they see and hear as they grow older.

If you are suffering or you believe you are suffering domestic abuse it is import ant you talk to someone who can give you professional advice in respect of escaping from the situation you find yourself in. It may even be that you are reading this and you know someone who is a victim but that they are too scared to come forward and get professional help.

Talking to a solicitor about your situation is a huge step. It can be daunting and you may consider that now isn’t the right time for you to do anything about it. You may have children or you may be financially reliant on your partner. You may have been made to feel that you cannot survive without your partner, that you will lose your home or that no one else will want you.
If you or a friend are suffering from domestic abuse, here at Sills and Betteridge we offer a free  half an hour consultation with a specialist who works predominantly with domestic abuse victims.

We will give you the advice you need and you will be given the range of options available to you. Your consultation is completely confidential and you are free to bring a friend or another professional along with you for support.

There may have been an incident in which you have to take out an emergency injunction to protect yourself. These are otherwise known as non molestation and occupation orders. These are orders granted by the court requiring the person who may have been harassing you or assaulting you, to stay away from you.

A non molestation order prevents a person from doing the following:

  1. Coming within 100m of your home
  2. Communicating with you in any way
  3. Insulting you on social media
  4. Use or threaten violence towards you
  5. Coming within a certain distance of your child’s school or nursery
  6. Instructing a third party to do anything which he is forbidden from doing by the terms of the order

A non molestation order can be in place for a specified period of time. Usually they are granted for one year.

We ensure that the orders are applied for within 48 hours of you coming into the office and giving instructions. We will ensure the perpetrator is served with the order.

If the perpetrator breaches the order it is a criminal offence and as such you must telephone the police immediately.

We are proud to offer our clients legal aid where they are eligible.

Call today for a free no obligation consultation with one of our specialists.

Text HELP to 07557850212 or call 01522 542211

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