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Causing Death or Serious Injury by Dangerous or Careless Driving

How do I avoid committing a construction and use offence?
Construction and use offences are being prosecuted less frequently due to the improved build quality of cars, however you need to make sure your vehicle is maintained properly and is not being driven in a dangerous condition. Driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition is an offence.

I want to modify my car and I am concerned that I do not contravene the construction and use regulations what should I do?
You will need to carefully study the regulations which can be found here:

You should also notify your insurance company of any modifications. If you do not your insurance may be invalid and therefore committing the offence of using the vehicle without insurance.

My vehicle has had a prohibition placed on it as the Police say it is in a dangerous condition what can I do?
You can address the items which the police say need attention and get the vehicle reinspected then make representations to have the prohibition removed.

What are the penalties for construction and use offences?
The penalties for these offences vary and some are endorseable with three penalty points and a fine. If you already have points on your licence you can visit our totting up page to learn if you are at risk of disqualification.