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Dangerous Driving (Driving Without Due Care and Attention)

What does Careless Driving mean?
A charge of careless driving (also known as driving without due care and attention) may be brought where the standard of driving has fallen below the standard expected of a competent and careful driver. It is relatively easy for a prosecutor to prove a charge of careless driving particularly where a collision has occurred. A charge of careless driving can arise where there has been only a momentary lapse in concentration. Each case will turn on its own facts and you should get legal advice before deciding on whether to accept or challenge a charge of careless driving.

Will I be disqualified for careless driving?
This offence can attract either 3 to 9 penalty points or a discretionary disqualification. If you already have points on your licence you may find yourself subject to a totting up disqualification.

What is dangerous driving?
The offence of dangerous driving is where the standard of driving falls far below that expected of a competent and careful driver and it would be obvious to the competent and careful driver that the driving was dangerous. Examples are driving at very high speeds, racing, dangerous overtaking, having limited control over the vehicle and ignoring road signs and signals in a manner which places other road users and pedestrians in danger.

Will I be disqualified if convicted of dangerous driving?
This offence carries mandatory disqualification of at least 12 months. Dangerous driving often results in a prison sentence.

How much will it cost to appoint a Solicitor?
The cost of representation will depend on what service you require and the complexity of your case. Legal aid is available in some cases subject to a means test. You can learn more about our fees here.