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Driving without a licence

I was driving on private land is this a defence to driving without a licence?
You may have a defence if you were driving on private land, however whether you can successfully argue this defence will depend on the circumstances. The test is whether the public had access to the land.  Should you intend to rely upon this defence we would recommend you obtain legal representation.

What is the penalty for driving without a licence?
The penalty points range from between 3-6. The number of points imposed will be determined by the facts and circumstances of the driving. The fine will usually be between 25% and 75% of weekly income.

Will any points appear when I get a licence?
Any penalty points imposed remain valid for 3 years. The DVLA keeps a record which is accessible online. If you obtain a new licence in that period then the points will appear on your DVLA driving record even though you did not have a licence at the time the points were imposed. They will also be recorded against any provisional licence.