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Failing to Stop After an Accident (Hit and Run)

I have been involved in an accident but I don’t know if I need to report it.
If you are the driver and the accident resulted in personal injury to someone other than you or damage to another vehicle, property or an animal then you must stop and provide your details with the other parties to the accident. If you are unable to provide details for example if it is not clear who owns the property damaged then you must report the accident to the Police.

I was involved in an accident which I need to report but I didn’t stop. Am I guilty of an offence?
Yes, save for in exceptional circumstances. You may have a defence if you were unaware at the time of the accident that personal injury and/or damage was caused.

How long do I have to report an accident?
If you are unable to provide details at the scene then you must report as soon as reasonably practicable and always within 24 hours.

What is the penalty for failing to stop or report an accident?
The penalties vary depending on the circumstances. A minor car park collision may attract a fine and between 5-6 penalty points. More serious incidents with aggravating features such as drink driving can result in up to 10 points, disqualification and in the most serious cases even imprisonment.