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Haulage health and safety

Do I require to RIDDOR report a road traffic accident?
The requirement to report depends on the circumstances. A road traffic collision which occurs on a public road involving one or more of your vehicles and which is investigated by the Police does not generally require to be reported. However certain circumstances would require a report such as if an employee was loading or unloading a vehicle, the incident occurred on a private road or land. As it is an offence to fail to report under Riddor we would advise you to seek legal advice for any incident other than a straight forward RTC which the Police are investigating.

Can the Health and Safety Executive prosecute when there has been a road traffic accident?
There are circumstances as stated above where you may require to RIDDOR report to the HSE which could result in an investigation.

Alternatively, the Police may refer an incident to the HSE where they feel that breaches of Health and Safety legislation have occurred and contributed to the accident.

What aspects of Health and Safety law apply to Haulage?
The health and safety rules impacting on haulage are extensive. You need to consider all aspects of your operation including vehicle maintenance, warehousing, loading, unloading, securing loads, movements in yards owned and operated by you and those your drivers visit.

The best place to start is to visit the HSE website

What should I do if a reportable Health and Safety breach has occurred?
You should seek immediate legal advice before reporting and inform your insurer of a possible claim against your insurance.