Walk a Mile in Their Shoes for East Lindsey Domestic Abuse Service

Yesterday I participated, along with some other staff members, in the ‘walk a mile in their shoes’.

It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining and everyone was in good spirits.

The walk is to remember those who have been victims of domestic abuse and who have lost their lives as a result.

When we reached our end point, we all gathered in a restaurant. The ladies who work for East Lindsey Domestic Abuse Service (ELDAS) worked tirelessly to put on a display to remember those who have passed.

I know from working with victims of domestic abuse for 15 years that it is very dark. I have heard the most awful stories and am proud to have helped so many clients. However, nothing could have prepared me really for seeing these plaques on the wall. Each one symbolises a person who died unnecessarily in the UK due to domestic abuse, their names and their ages, the youngest aged 13 and the eldest aged 81.

Each plaque was in memory of a woman who had been killed by their violent partner, some in front of their children some by their adult children. It brought home to me how important it is that we keep campaigning for justice. That we listen to those victims who speak out about what is going on. That we are aware of the signs of domestic abuse so that we can help them whether they are colleagues, friends or family members. They should not be silenced or be made to feel that was is happening in their lives is trivial.

Domestic abuse does not discriminate against class, age, gender or nationality. It may be happening to people you know, they may be desperate to speak out.

Let’s help save lives of women, mothers sisters and daughters by working together to try and stamp out domestic abuse for good.

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