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Is Your Case Heading To Crown Court? We Provide The Best Representation

When your case is sent to the Crown Court this can be a very daunting and frightening experience. At Sills & Betteridge Solicitors our experienced Solicitors and Solicitor Advocates and Clerks will put you at ease and handle every aspect of your case with diligence and expertise. You can have confidence that you are with one of the best Crown Court teams in the East Midlands.


The Best Barristers

In contrast to many other firms, at Sills & Betteridge we hand pick the best independent barristers to represent almost all of our clients in the Crown Court. We do this because experience has shown us it provides clients with the best chance of success.


Can You Take Over My Existing Case?

Many clients approach Sills & Betteridge Solicitors to take over the conduct of their Crown Court case, taking advantage of the depth of experience and expertise within our team.

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