Trainee FAQs

Trainee Solicitor FAQS

Below you will find some of the questions we are frequently asked in relation to Trainee Solicitor Contracts. Our training contracts expose trainees to the working world and provide trainee solicitors with hands-on experience in a variety of different areas of the law.

How many Training Contracts do you offer?

We recruit a minimum of 2 trainee solicitors each year.

When is the deadline for applying for a Training Contract?

The deadline for applying for a Training Contract is Sunday 01st October 2023.

Where will I be based during my Training Contract?

Our trainees are normally based in Lincoln however you may be expected to do a seat in anyone of our other offices excluding Northampton.

Do you have a workplace scheme?

As a Firm we offer workplace schemes and more information about this can be found on the Work Experience page on our Website.

Can I apply for a Training Contract if I haven’t studied law at University?

We welcome applications from students with degrees from all types of disciplines from a variety of Universities. We will also consider applications from SQE candidates as well as those following the traditional route to qualification. 

How soon do I need to apply for a Training Contract?

We normally recruit 2 years in advance so we would expect to receive your Training Contract application before Sunday 01st October, almost two years’ prior to the date you would start your Training Contract. 

What seats would I be most likely to take during my Training Contract and would I have a choice as to which seats I take?

You would discuss your preferences with the Training Partner and a member of HR and we would try to accommodate your preferred options as best as we can. 

We usually offer seats in Wills,Trusts & Probate, Claims, Commercial, Commercial Property, Commercial Litigation, Employment, Residential Property and Family. We do not usually offer seats in Crime. We would need to determine the business needs at that time.

How long would I stay in each seat?

This depends on the needs of the business. We try not to let anyone have less than three months in each area but some people stay for one full year in some of the seats. 

Will I know all of my seats at the start of my Training Contract?

No, but we would always inform you of your first seat before your Training Contract starts. Towards the middle of each seat you will have a meeting with the Training Partner who will discuss your preferences. A decision about your next seat will be made shortly after that meeting and communicated to you.

Does Sills & Betteridge sponsor GDL/LPC/SQE Fees?

At this time we do not offer sponsorship for these fees.

Do you offer part-time Training Contracts if I was to undertake the LPC part-time?

We would consider a part-time Training Contract running alongside the LPC. You would need to ask the HR Department for further advice on this route.

If I was offered a part-time Training Contract that was running alongside the LPC would there be funding available?

Yes, the Firm does offer a salary sacrifice scheme whereby the Firm would pay for the LPC upfront and then deduct an amount from the employee’s gross salary each month to reclaim the fees from the employee.  The benefit to the employee is the saving on Tax and NI contributions.

Do you offer Training Contracts to Secretaries/Paralegals who already have a Law Degree?

Yes. All of our employees are subject to the same recruitment process as external applicants and we welcome internal applications.

Do you offer time-to-count for Paralegals who have been working in a Paralegal role in this Firm, or another?

It would always be decided on an individual basis and whether we felt confident that you would have enough experience and knowledge to have time-to-count granted. We have in the past offered time-to-count to our Trainees up to a maximum of 6 months.

Is there a possibility if I have completed my LPC and have not secured a Training Contract until the following year of becoming a Paralegal in the Firm?

Again, this would be in consideration of the business needs at that time. If there was a position then this would certainly be an option. Again we welcome all applications to the Firm.

Do you fund the Professional Skills Courses?

Yes, we fund the Professional Skills Courses.

Am I guaranteed a job at the end of my Training Contract?

We would always endeavour to retain trainees once they have qualified. However at that time the business need and performance would be considered and a decision made on this basis. We cannot guarantee that you will be kept on after your Training Contract.

How far into my Training Contract would I know if I was being kept on?

We would always communicate your progress with you during your contract. Most trainee's know months before but at the very latest we would tell you 3 months before your Training Contract was due to come to an end.

Does the Firm consider the CILEx route to qualification for those people who have obtained their LPC who are unable to secure a Training Contract?

Yes, the Firm does have people employed under this scheme and we do find it to be an excellent route for progression. We like to encourage alternative routes to qualification and also offer Solicitor and Paralegal Apprenticeships as well as supporting the SQE route, CILEx and traditional Training Contracts.

What are the benefits to me and/or the Firm to qualifying via the CILEx route?

There are many benefits to this route. Please see our CILEx page for more information and links.

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